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Sample Deductive Essay on Health Insurance

essay on health insurance

According to the most recent results of the Healthcare industry poll, the US people are the least likely to be absolutely satisfied with the level of healthcare. The system is simply failing, experts say, and there is a range of major ways it is going that way.

Health care debates prove the industry requires changes mainly because the doctors do not receive the salaries according to the quality of the care they provide. When talking about the UK healthcare segment, 95% of doctors are paid in accordance with the quality of the services they render. In Australia the number reaches 72%. When the conversation flips to the United States, the scores in this country appear to be lower than anywhere else, namely at 30%.  At the same time, electronic media records that are known to lower the costs of healthcare and increase its quality have 89% penetration in the United Kingdom, while it’s only 28% in the US. To cut it, the country performs miserably on both metrics. Read the rest of this entry »