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Sherlock Holmes Deductive Logic and Observation

sherlock holmes deductive logic

Wit, observational skills and incredible deductive logic of well-known Sherlock Holmes, the way he used to analyze and handle unbelievable mysteries – everything about this talented man is beyond our imagination. And even though the detective usually needed the sleuthing in order to bring all facts together, the way he used deductive method to deal with the greatest mysteries of all times clearly demonstrates both – intuition and logic are equal in what is related to the process of solving enigmas. Read the rest of this entry »

Sample Dedictive Essay on Socialism vs Capitalism

socialism vs capitalism

Capitalism vs. socialism is an eternal clash, it seems. But the world we are living in today is almost certainly capitalistic and the benefits that this kind of society brings – such as healthy, equal and happy people living in the world, where they have almost anything at a certain price, are unquestionable.  

In capitalistic society more choices are provided for the individuals to avail of. Are you a  fan of organic, free-range food? You are welcome to benefit from your favorite diet. There are tons of diets that can be easily accessible and you’re 100% sure that you’re going to get what you have paid for. There is a great awareness of what is available at the moment due to multiple government campaigns. Read the rest of this entry »

Sample Deductive Essay on Health Insurance

essay on health insurance

According to the most recent results of the Healthcare industry poll, the US people are the least likely to be absolutely satisfied with the level of healthcare. The system is simply failing, experts say, and there is a range of major ways it is going that way.

Health care debates prove the industry requires changes mainly because the doctors do not receive the salaries according to the quality of the care they provide. When talking about the UK healthcare segment, 95% of doctors are paid in accordance with the quality of the services they render. In Australia the number reaches 72%. When the conversation flips to the United States, the scores in this country appear to be lower than anywhere else, namely at 30%.  At the same time, electronic media records that are known to lower the costs of healthcare and increase its quality have 89% penetration in the United Kingdom, while it’s only 28% in the US. To cut it, the country performs miserably on both metrics. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Commandments for Rational Debates

rational debates

Faced with a huge argument ahead of you. Before getting into the thick of it, however, you and your opponents should establish certain boundaries to keep your debate rational. Knowing some basic commandments will let you delivery your points and thus – master the art of handling disputes and debates.  Read the rest of this entry »

Sample Deductive Essay on Why Gender Stereotypes Are Bad

A stereotype is a cognitive tag. It allows your brain to make a hasty conclusion based on directly visible characteristics such as age, race or gender. Human brain makes quick calls. The problem appears when those stereotypes are applied beyond that snap judgement. It is bias, which is basically a conviction that a stereotype is correct.

A gender stereotype is an abstract view or prejudice about characteristics or attributes that are typical of women or men. Such a stereotype is harmful when it limits the capacity of women and men to develop their personal flairs, achieve their professional goals and make decisions concerning their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

Deductive Essay: Getting to the Essence

getting to the essence

Deduction is a process of stating a recognized fact, assumption or principle and then supporting it through specific observations, reaching a conclusion in the end.

Deduction is very often used in writing academic papers because it is a good method of estimating the academic progress of students in different subjects. The main task of a college writer is to explore and explain. The common form of such writing is a deductive essay. Its key feature is that it shows students’ ability to work with provided information and come to logical conclusions, which represent a complete piece of information. Read the rest of this entry »

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning in Essay Writing: The Difference

deductive inductive reasoning

There are different ways to present information when writing and reasoning is one of them It can be divided into two categories: inductive and deductive. The difference between them is the following:

  • Deductive reasoning moves from general to specific. It presents a premise (a thesis statement) and then gives supporting facts or examples. Sometimes it’s also called a “top-down” method.
  • Inductive reasoning works from particular observations to extensive theories and generalizations. It shows facts followed up with a conclusion. Sometimes it’s called a “bottom-up” approach.

Read the rest of this entry »

Sample Deductive Essay on Why Democracy Wouldn’t Work in China

Democracy is a familiar and cherished word for Americans. The Western liberal democracy has a fundamental idea that the individual is supreme, the human rights are of utmost importance, the wellbeing and ideals of majority individuals are essential for the whole nation. But democracy does not represent the same idea to all people all over the world. It’s meaning changes each time it’s translated into foreign languages and cultural context.

The Chinese democracy is a very questionable issue. However, China will never become a parliamentary democracy like Canada or the UK or  presidential democracy like the United States. It will be inapplicable in China. Read the rest of this entry »