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Student Gap Year Options: What to Consider

what to do on gap year

Maybe the academic year was too tough and you simply can’t stand it anymore. Maybe you’re not really sure what the actual reason of going to college is. Maybe your heart is longing to explore new places or know more about a particular area you’re interested in. Regardless the reason, it’s the right time to take the so-called student gap year.

While the majority of young people can’t stand the parental and peer pressure, and finally go to college straight away, those few who make sure to take the gap year get the best rewards. The point is that having some rest before college provides one with an opportunity to dive into two key issues: who you really are and the world you’re living in. Of course, if you take a break to watch TV shows and eat pizza on your sofa, what you’ll be given at the end is a year that’s a complete waste. However, with a little planning and some research, you can generate a perfect plan for a year that will be both – full of fun and useful experiences. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Maintain Focus During Essay Writing

maintain focus during essay writing
Throughout high school, college and university, students are being assigned with essay writing tasks here and there. Every once in awhile, they are required to create a really good paper to get the desired degree. And the reality is that some students are excellent prose writers, while the others suffer greatly from this kind of academic work due to the lack of writing focus. And if you’re one of the essays anti-fans, you definitely know how boring the essay can be and how hard it can be to get the project done. The situation gets even worse, when you easily get distracted. So, the question is how to maintain writing focus during all the way through the essay? Read the rest of this entry »

Sample Deductive Essay “Is SAT Really Necessary?”

sat essay

Since early 1900s SAT was a part of academic life. Recently, there has been in-depth research and debates over the standardized college admissions tests and their use. Because of the new information revealed by means of the research, a lot of schools no longer require their students to deal with SAT tests. As an alternative, they offer the so-called test-optional policy. But the truth is the discussions on the college admission tests are still in progress here and there, and there are some facts for and against the issue.   Read the rest of this entry »

Sample Deductive Essay “Is Darwin Theory Accurate?”

darwin theory essay

The Theory of Evolution presented by Charles Darwin in his book called ‘On the Origin of Species’ has been accepted as fact. However, there are critics, who believe Darwin’s ideas are based on fallible speculations only. While some experts consider the theory of natural selection correct, the others claim Charles Darwin has no particular answer to back his theory up. Let’s take a look at some facts for and against the theory.

First of all, Darwin’s research provides us with factual information since there’s fossil evidence, as well as DNA evidence that is more of what the scientist used in order to build up his theory and prove it’s true. Besides, geographical distribution of the other species and recorded genetic changes of the living organisms prove the theory. Read the rest of this entry »