Annotated Bibliography Essays

Most of college writing assignments entail annotated bibliography writing. Depending on one’s level of study annotated bibliography often form a step of a bigger project, dissertation, term papers, essay or thesis writing. In some cases, annotated bibliographies may stand as a project on their own. It is therefore essential for every student to have annotated bibliography writing skills. Efficient writing of annotated bibliographies necessitates effective understanding of the meaning of annotated bibliography, how to select sources, and the best ways of summarizing the sources.

Annotated bibliography provides a summary of researches that have been done on a particular topic. Besides the bibliographical data, most annotated bibliography essays provide detailed summaries of the different sources and give an assessment of the relevance of each source. Like the normal bibliographies, annotated bibliography list various research sources in an alphabetical order.

Selecting the source is a significant step in annotated essay bibliography writing. In fact the quality of annotated bibliography depends on the resourcefulness of sources. It is therefore important for a writer to identify the scope of his or her research carefully in order to allow him or her come up with a good decision on what to include and what to leave out.

The last step of writing a good annotated bibliography involves summery of the sources. The writer should state concisely the major arguments in every source. Therefore, it is important to give a concise summery of methodologies of research, findings, and the major conclusion that are applied in case of academic sources.

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