Sample Deductive Essay “Is Darwin Theory Accurate?”

darwin theory essay

The Theory of Evolution presented by Charles Darwin in his book called ‘On the Origin of Species’ has been accepted as fact. However, there are critics, who believe Darwin’s ideas are based on fallible speculations only. While some experts consider the theory of natural selection correct, the others claim Charles Darwin has no particular answer to back his theory up. Let’s take a look at some facts for and against the theory.

First of all, Darwin’s research provides us with factual information since there’s fossil evidence, as well as DNA evidence that is more of what the scientist used in order to build up his theory and prove it’s true. Besides, geographical distribution of the other species and recorded genetic changes of the living organisms prove the theory.

Darwin’s Theory was proved in many different scales. In the academic world, scientists find evolution correct since it was confirmed in the development of many different viruses. It’s used for the bacteria strains developing needed for inflicting ailment or aid production. To add more, the representatives of every agricultural community had developed their own animal races through improving the ones that had already existed by selecting those individuals, who’re able to reproduce. The process of selection is an essential part of the evolution equation. The latter is known as the ‘selection + variation = evolution’ aspect. At the present time, variation is called mutation and it is known to happen every time DNA is being replicated. In addition, through using diploid chromosomes mixing the DNA of a couple or more individuals gives the key driving force of variation and thus, evolution for the organisms that are more complex.

At the same time, the rest of the scientific crowd tends to believe that Darwin Theory will never become a complete law of science since it is nothing else but a mess with tons of errors. For that reason it is called a theory, instead of an accepted law.

The very first and foremost evidence against the Theory of Evolution. If you turn the pages of the Stephen Hawking’s book called ‘The Grand Design’, you will face the statement ‘since there’s a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.’ His opponent Dr. John Lennox is treating his colleague with respect; however, according to his words, Hawking’s assumptions are rather something taken from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ than science. Nothing comes from nothing.

In order to give birth to a living thing, you’re actually supposed to start with a living thing. When the question is about evolution, there should be a non-living matter that will eventually turn into a living one. But the reality is that no one has ever observed that. In a Biology textbook it’s presented like this: ‘…the life of every living organism is coming directly from its parent.’ To cut it, life comes from…life! That’s the core of the biogenesis, experts say.


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