Deductive Essay Comparison and Contrast Introduction and Essay Writing Features

Deductive essays are used at colleges and universities as a tool which can evaluate the knowledge of the students. Deductive reasoning essay is based on the concept that provided as set of circumstances (premises), we can draw a reasonable assumption as to the situation state.  In other words, one has an opportunity to solve some enigma or identify someone if provided with enough information. In particular, in deductive reasoning essay one may take different factors and weight them against the information about such things, and then add them up in order to draw the conclusion.

Deductive reasoning essay writing includes three stages. The first one is called the premise. The premise is a basic fact that should be used as a foundation for the conclusions. The second stage is called evidence, which is information you possess, whether it is some story you develop deductive analysis for or something you have experienced. If you browse for example essay outlines, you may notice that the third stage is the conclusion. This is the closing analysis of the situation. As a rule, it is based on the premises combined with the evidence. Here’s one of the example essay outlines:

  • premise: butterfly is an insect of the order Lepidoptera
  • evidence: Ornithoptera alexandrae is a butterfly
  • conclusion: Ornithoptera alexandrae is of the order Lepidoptera

Of course, this is not the most difficult example, but still it is a great obvious case.

The point is that we use deductive reasoning in out every day life without even noticing it. For instance, you may meet your friend on the Saturday night near the cinema with pop corn. You may assume that he has bought in the supermarket or someone has just stood a treat for him. But most likely, however, you will decide that he was at the cinema late-night show. Why so? The thing is that this is the most logical deduction. Surely, there are many other possibilities but “late-night show” is the #1. Deductive reasoning deals with the most likely (reasonable) path. Most of the time, deductive reasoning is used by police when during the investigation, in law, in different sciences etc.

Remember, professionally written deductive essay is the one which is focused and clear. Every paragraph should include a particular point or an aspect with the details and examples that may lead to a possible conclusion.

Here are the most popular deductive essays topics one may avail of:

  • Communism vs. Democracy
  • Current Government Policies and Global Warming Impact
  • International Immigration and Moving Abroad Freedom
  • Legitimacy  of Growing Number of Online Education Courses

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