How to Keep Writing with a Good Posture

good posture

Good posture is probably the easiest way to maintain both a healthy body and a healthy mind. If you make sure to practice correct posture, you do your best to keep your body in alignment with itself. Writing with a good posture helps you to alleviate some problems like fatigue, neck pain and headaches. But the reality is pretty sad since we tend to neglect our posture when writing and, as a result, we cannot boast of having a solid body and mind anymore. Here are some ways one can develop and keep an excellent posture.

Turn On Your Imagination

Make sure to always imagine a thin string that comes directly from the head top and gently pulling your body towards the ceiling. Using the visualization techniques like this one will keep you concentrated on the right and healthy position.

Sit Close to the Table

Ensure to position the notebook or whatever you use to write on so that it is placed right in front of your body. It is recommended to center the piece of paper with your body.

Take Advantage of the Wrist Rests

These items are provided specially for you to maintain neutral posture. Mind that one should use the wrist rest only to rest the palms of the hands between the writing sessions and not while you’re writing.

Make Sure to Have Small Breaks

When dealing with severe workloads, it is highly required to release muscle tension. According to the recent studies, constant sitting can seriously damage your health. Make sure to walk around, do some stretches, walk the fluffy one – anything that will ease the day of constant sitting.

Have a Good Standing Posture

When you walk with a good posture, you’re on your way to a good standing posture. Ensure to keep your head up no matter what, chest out, get your shoulders back, as well as your eyes looking ahead. Pushing your head forward is a no-no.

Do the Hand Exercises

Do the exercises by pushing on the fingers top as well as doing the so-called backward resistance movements. It’s recommended to repeat the exercise up to fifteen times on every hand more than four times every single day. By doing so, you won’t suffer from carpal tunnel finger aches at any point. Even if you can boast of having a high level of health, make sure to do your best to prevent ailments later in the future with the help of some good exercises.

Show Your Body What it’s Like to Keep a Good Posture

Approach the wall and stand with your back against it. Make sure your butt, your head and your shoulders are only touching the wall.

Do you feel uncomfortable? There’s no need to worry. When you develop healthy habits like the one with your posture, you’ll feel uncomfortable NOT to sit or stand like that.

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