How to Maintain Focus During Essay Writing

maintain focus during essay writing
Throughout high school, college and university, students are being assigned with essay writing tasks here and there. Every once in awhile, they are required to create a really good paper to get the desired degree. And the reality is that some students are excellent prose writers, while the others suffer greatly from this kind of academic work due to the lack of writing focus. And if you’re one of the essays anti-fans, you definitely know how boring the essay can be and how hard it can be to get the project done. The situation gets even worse, when you easily get distracted. So, the question is how to maintain writing focus during all the way through the essay?

Turn Off Facebook, Twitter, Email Notifications

Normally, a lot of students start their work with opening up their social media pages and instant messengers. This is the signal of availability for their friends and families. It’s not long before they are hitting up with conversation or questions. When you really need to concentrate on the essay, make sure to turn all communication tools off. Instead, turn on the word-processing software you need for productive work. Once you’re done, check your messages as a little reward.     

Don’t Work In Your Pajamas

Even though sticking to a formal work atmosphere seems to be boring, working at your desk is a great way to get your attention to the essay. There’s just a laptop screen and a wall behind it that your eyes can see. Nothing else and that’s good. A lot of students make a mistake of taking their computers to the couch and that’s when all hope for a productive work and meeting a deadline dies. The couch is a perfect place to take a nap or watch your favorite TV show since the device is right in front of it.

Give Yourself a Reward

Even Leonardo DiCaprio has one now, so why not to invent your own Oscar? Just make sure to write for an hour or two. Then, when the time is up, reward yourself with a 15-minute coffee break away from laptop and anything that has to deal with your assignment and writing in general. Go eat your lunch, watch new episode of reality show or (the best option!) have a long walk. All you need to do is to switch your brain off. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, make sure to make it as restful as possible.

Set Easy Goals

If you have several days before the essay is due, it’s recommended to set small goals to get the essay done. For instance, you may get up every morning and write one page per day. This will be your special goal. In some cases, you may even exceed it, who knows. The whole point about it is to set the goals that are realistic and easy-to-reach. If done every day, you know you will finally complete an essay. Setting and meeting these small goals will add to your confidence and do more for your writing skills than you think.

These should help you manage your work in the most efficient manner and not procrastinate. Good luck and have a productive day.

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