Sample Dedictive Essay on Socialism vs Capitalism

socialism vs capitalism

Capitalism vs. socialism is an eternal clash, it seems. But the world we are living in today is almost certainly capitalistic and the benefits that this kind of society brings – such as healthy, equal and happy people living in the world, where they have almost anything at a certain price, are unquestionable.  

In capitalistic society more choices are provided for the individuals to avail of. Are you a  fan of organic, free-range food? You are welcome to benefit from your favorite diet. There are tons of diets that can be easily accessible and you’re 100% sure that you’re going to get what you have paid for. There is a great awareness of what is available at the moment due to multiple government campaigns.

With capitalism, one may think every individual of the modern world is working on his own well-being. However, if you dig deeper, you will see that every position has a range of benefits for the other community members. For instance, hairdressers render various services that let us be attractive, while the factory workers generate the products that we cannot imagine our routine without.

In the society, where capitalism prevails, even ‘overpaid’ and unpopular jobs such as sportsmen and bankers are known to have positive effects on the global community, whether it’s about helping people in funds managing or entertaining. What it comes down to is, no matter the profession, low or highly paid, dirty or prestigious, every member of the society is provided with a chance to be satisfied to some extent with the fact that he is doing something beneficial for society.

No matter where you start in your life, in capitalistic society every human being has a chance to make it big. In other words, the harder and the more you work, the better the rewards will be. And if you’re lucky enough to boast of having such amazing qualities as: patience, confidence, altruism and kindness, you will definitely find your place under the sun. These aspects of human nature are welcome in the capitalist universe. As claimed by the left-wing politicians, an expensive welfare system is the only method to create a safety net for the people in need. However, in actual fact there are many registered charities that are specialized in providing various non-profit activities. Altruism that is centrally planned is absolutely pointless and, moreover, it limits what individuals would otherwise provide on their own initiative.

The majority of people reading these lines have probably dealt with the world-class education system and definitely taken it for granted. You know what it’s like to be able to choose the career path you like the most. You have enjoyed an ability to select the your favorite subjects at school and study the way you liked it. Then you applied for the job of your dream, previously chosen from the widest range available. That’s what they call capitalism – freedom to avail of all opportunities and live the life as your heart desires.


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