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Writing Deductive Essays

Research papers are common assignments in most high school and college classrooms.  Although not always a favorite task for most students, these papers are designed to give the teacher an indication of what the student knows about a topic and how well that student can express their thoughts on it logically.

The most familiar type of research paper is the argumentative paper where the writer’s purpose is to convince the … Read the rest

Buy an Essay or Write My Paper

Do I want to buy a deductive essay or have qualified write my paper? Do I want to get high marks in my end year results? All these questions keep coming back as I sit down to write my paper. The last paper I wrote did not earn me good marks since I did no have enough time to go through it nor did I get enough time to look … Read the rest

What Are Deductive Essays?

Whenever we talk about deductive writing, the first things which come into our minds are murders, crime scenes, detectives, code breaking etc. However, it is not necessary that deductive essays have to be only about them. Deductive writing is just like solving a puzzle or a complicated situation in a logical way.

Deductive essays are divided into three basic parts; premise, evidence and conclusion. Premise is a factual statement … Read the rest