Writing Deductive Essays

Research papers are common assignments in most high school and college classrooms.  Although not always a favorite task for most students, these papers are designed to give the teacher an indication of what the student knows about a topic and how well that student can express their thoughts on it logically.

The most familiar type of research paper is the argumentative paper where the writer’s purpose is to convince the reader that their view on a topic is the truth. In deductive writing, facts are given in a logical sequence to prove that a statement made is true and persuade the reader into believing it by presenting facts to back it up.

Deductive writing starts with a hypothesis or premise, then presents the evidence, and concludes by synthesizing the information to prove that the premise is correct; or incorrect, as the case may be. In simpler terms: dogs bark, a poodle is a dog, therefore a poodle barks.

When writing this type of essay, it is always better to find a topic that one feels strongly about.  Deciding on deductive essay topics is much easier when the subject of the written is interesting or meaningful to the writer. Not only does this make the task more enjoyable, but the writer can present a stronger argument if there is feeling behind it.

Additional deductive essay topics can be found by considering popular views of different subjects such as taking vitamin C to cure a cold, or swimming too soon after a meal will cause cramps, or even that a certain brand of sneaker will help people jump higher or run faster.

Regardless of the topic that is chosen, deductive essays are actually rather easy to compose as long as the writer remembers the three basic parts. Remember, the purpose is to create a document to show what you know.

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